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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Are you listening to me?

I wish I could have lay in bed, and dreamt the day away!
I had a splitting headache. But I didn’t have a say!
You just pulled back my covers, as I curled up in a ball,
‘Run the bath, I think she’s awake’ you shouted down the hall!

I tried to make a gesture, to make a little sound.
I pulled my knees up to my chest, and tightened my arms around!
I tried to say, in my own way, that I didn’t feel too well.
I pleaded with my eyes to you, but you couldn’t even tell!

You asked me what I’d like to wear; I didn’t have chance to reply!
You would have known that I don’t like wool, if you’d looked me in the eye!
Instead you just proceeded; you dressed me in that sweater.
You didn’t realise it made me itch, that a T-shirt would have been better!

You wheeled me down the corridor, and sat me in the lounge.
I couldn’t see out of the window, so I tried to turn around.
You played the music way too loud, it really hurt my ears!
I’m sure I told you I don’t like rock, I thought I’d made that clear!

You didn’t hear me say to you that I thought the food was bland.
I tried to shout it loud for you, to make you understand.
I’d rather have toast and jam today, but you didn’t give me a choice!
You were talking about your shopping trip, and you didn’t hear my voice!

And did you notice when I was eating, that I would have liked a drink.
A nice sweet coffee, or a cup of tea, but I guess you didn’t think!
You didn’t even look at me, so how could you possibly see?
What’s the point in trying to speak, if you’re not even listening to me?

I wish I could tell you how I feel, to make you understand.
I wish I could tell you I’m feeling down, and I just want to hold your hand!
I know I don’t communicate in the way that you think I should.
But if you took the time to listen to me, in a while I’m sure I could!

By Pam Johnson

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